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You could be forgiven for mistaking Manchester for a ghost town in August; the promise of guaranteed sun or a week of music a la wellies proves too much of a lure for some. But if you’re still around, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in our fair city.

Here are a few of this week’s highlights:

Monday 1st August to Saturday 6th August

As You Like It at the Royal Exchange Theatre

The Royal Exchange Theatre has a strong track record of putting on excellent Shakespeare adaptations, and As You Like It is one of the bard’s superior comedies. This is the last week of its run, so catch it now or miss out forever. Features the immortal “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” monologue.

Tuesday 2nd August

Halle Youth Orchestra and Youth Choir at the Royal Northern College of Music

Halle’s worldwide reputation for excellence is something Manchester can take a great deal of pride in, and any event affiliated with the famous orchestra is worth at least considering when you’re plotting out your week. They’re performing a selection of the works they played during a recent tour of Cornwall.

Wednesday 3rd August

Meet The Brewer with Flying Dog at Port Street Beer House

The second ever Port Street Meet The Brewer event will be well worth attending if the first one is anything to go by: expect quality beers, excellent pub food, interesting conversation, and an altogether memorable evening.

Stitched Up Swap Shop at Creative Corner Cafe

Of course, if fashion ranks higher on your list of priorities than beer, and if you’re a fan of the upcycling trend, then you’ll possibly be more at home here. Recently new to Whalley Range, the Creative Corner Cafe is making an admirable attempt to establish an art scene in a suburb which isn’t exactly known for its artistic endeavours.

Friday 5th August

An Evening with MCR Scenewipe at Fuel Cafe Bar

MCR Scenewipe has grown impressively in a short space of time, and should be particularly lauded for its free events at Fuel. Their latest features a trio of artists – Walton Hesse (an Americana Sebadoh), T.G. Elias (M. Ward-esque Americana, complete with harmonica), and Jo Rose (earnest Americana) – who are all worth an evening of your time.

Saturday 6th August

Speed Date UK Premiere at Sound Control

Here at Onward, Manchester we keep our eyes open not just for the best events, but for the most interesting too. So while the trio of bands that are playing this night are not exactly to our tastes, how often do you get to attend a premiere in Manchester? A chance to experience the work of young filmmakers before they (potentially) become huge.

Sunday 7th August

Scrabble Club at the Deaf Institute

Is the very existence of a Scrabble club proof (if any were needed) that this whole twee trend has gone too far? Almost certainly. Nonetheless, it sounds like a perfectly pleasant way to wile away the Sunday hours. Later on, the same venue is hosting an open mic night; as always, approach with caution.


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